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The Same, But Different

 We Artists are a unique group of people. There is something different about us, while at the same time, we are just like everyone else.

All Walks of Life

Having been a Artist for 20 years, I know many Artists and have met hundreds through associations, workshops and travels. While some are  fulltime, working Artists, the majority have day jobs. The Artists I know work in a variety of proffessions. They are doctors, dentists, nurses, teachers, business proffessionals, dog groomers, art therapists and lawyers to name a few.

I even know Artists who are Artists. Meaning; photographers, writers, actors and musicians, who also love to paint or do other forms of art.

Every Stage of Life

Although as children, we all start out as artists proudly displaying our art on the refridgerator door, choosing art as an adult covers every other stage of life. Artists are young, middle-aged and older. They are working, stay-at-home parents and retirees.

The Difference?

The work of Artists can be paradoxical. As Artists we need a combination of solitude, inspiration and motivation to allow our creativity to take form. But Artists working in solitude can appear to be eccentric to others. Like the photo above, we all have our own way of working that makes sense to us, but may appear to be peuliar to non-artists.

We also crave the community of others, including Artists. Inspiration and motivation for our art, often comes from interaction, observation and communication in our daily lives. And we gravitate towards other Artists to share, to learn from and exchange ideas.

Right Brain Thinkers

We know that right brain thinking has its advantages and diadvantages, but I think if you asked, most Artists would say, that the advantages win out everytime. It gives us our ability to dream, imagine and create. For right brainers, everything is possilbe. You just have to imagine it, then bring it to life. [ie. J.K.Rowling and Harry Potter or  Michelangelo and the Statue of David or Steven Spielberg and E.T. or Bob Dylan and “Like a Rolling Stone” or….. you get my drift]. I do go on, but then I’m a right brainer too.

image: “The Artist” By~Dave M~